Khajuraho is small but world-wide famous city. Place of Kamatutra temples. There 3 groups of temples:

  • Western – mail temples, the most huge and impressive. Entrance is charged.
  • Eastern – some temples outside of village in a beautiful natural area and group of Jain-temples. Entrance is free.
  • Southern temples – several temples outside of Khajuraho. Entrance is free.

What else you can see in Khajuraho:

  1. Old village of Khajuraho. Here you can see how people were leaving by cast-system.

  1. Natural area around Khajuraho: villages, farms, river, mountains. Cam ge reached by walk, bicycle, moto-cycle, riksha.

  1. Panna national park – tiger’s reservation. 40 minutes-1 hour from Khajuraho by car. Charged.





  1. Renehfall – small national park with animals, waterfall, beautiful canyon. 30 minutes from Khajuraho. Charged.


  1. Pandav-fall – holly-caves from Pandav-times, waterfall, lake. 40 minutes-1 hour from Khajuraho. Charged.